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What Is It about Snow?

What is it about snow and Christmas? Although it has been taken out of the forecast, the last little while the newspapers had been announcing the possibility that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day would be accompanied by a little white or frozen precipitation. Whenever I heard folks talking about it, I could hear the glee in their voices. I still remember some years ago leaving a Christmas Eve service to discover that snow had begun falling. Even some of the grinches about such things had to allow that it made the evening a little more special.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we live outside the snow belt. Ellen and I have friends who live in Vermont. They’ve been shoveling snow for a month, so the idea of a white Christmas holds no special attraction for them.But for those of us who rarely see such a day, the possibility excites us a little.

I am sure that some of our dreaming has to do with the media. How many movies have exposed us to the wonders of a white Christmas wherein all is made right with the world? Movies where couples fall in love, holiday inns are saved, good guys win, and angels get their wings, all accompanied by snow on the ground. It’s almost as though none of this could happen without a layer of white over the muddiness of life.

I wonder if it is not also an excuse to slow down. At this time of year it is so easy to become so busy that the celebration of Christmas can be upon us and past so quickly that we lose all sense of its meaning. So many commitments and responsibilities pull at us that the only joy we have is when we are able to say, “It’s over.” Could it be that snow gives us an excuse to say to that extra commitment, that extra tug at the sleeve, “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t; it’s snowing.”

Here’s the problem: it’s Texas. It probably won’t snow. So, when you are pulled in every direction in the next few days and you just want to stop and reflect on the wonder of God with us, the one who is Emmanuel, may I make a suggestion? Instead of looking for an excuse because you don’t want to do “just one more thing,” don’t be sorry, be glad. Just say, “I can’t. It’s Christmas.” For that is what it will be, whether it is snowing or not. After all, in this midst of all this busyness,isn’t Jesus what this is supposed to be all about?