The message for Sunday, August 1, will be more about the judgment of
God than the grace of God, although both are intrinsic in teaching. God’s
judgment shows another side of God’s grace and we need God’s
grace because we are facing His judgment. In particular, we will look at
the fires, floods and drought in our country and the world as a harbinger
of things to come.

As much as some consider the pandemic an act of judgment, what about all these other things happening in our day?

In other news, we were presented in Church Conference on July 14 some
very distressing news. Our expenditures are outpacing our income. This
is not new but to the tune of several thousand dollars within one month is
most distressing. So, what is the Church Council doing about this?
First, it’s more than a Church Council problem. It is our problem, the people
of First Baptist Church. Marilyn and I consider most weeks what can we
give to further the ministries of FBC.

We begin with what we know we can do. We believe the Bible teaches a
10% tithe off the gross and that is given to the church, the storehouse
giving of the Old Testament. I know others believe the New Testament
principle of giving as you have prospered. All giving in the Kingdom
and to the Lord is a matter between the individual and God. So, first, it is
a matter between you and God. The second is like unto it. What is the
Church Council, especially our Finance Team part of the Council,
going to do?

We have begun discussions with the team and from
there we are asking you. What do you think we should do?
Contact one you know on the Council to share your ideas. Also, where we
are going with this is to present in the fall months a plan, an emphasis to
encourage giving. The truth is most people give to causes more than
institutions. My age motivates Marilyn and me to give to the Church Budget,
our alma mater, and places that mean a great deal to us. In fact, the
tithe otherwise goes to South Garland Baptist Church because our
lives and our family were there for so long. But what I make here, I give
here. Bad to start a sentence with a conjunction but good theology in the

Bottom line: we can live out of savings for a while. Some have
shared with me for how long they think. As you pray for REPLANT
Team and PST and processes, please include the prayer for a
partnership church that we will need to help financially as well as with
person power to come along side us and to serve with us in leading,
worshiping, ministering and giving. This is what REPLANT and PST are
all about for the sake of Christ in this place!!
Larry Davis