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The annual time change a recent Sunday morning reminded me of the folly of our ways. Somehow, it seems that we think we are in control of something when we move those hands or change those numbers on our timepieces. Someone at some point convinced us that by the mere moving of the clock, we have actually added more light to our day. As I said to some folks recently, I can't even get the three clocks in the kitchen to match. If I can't make the microwave, coffeemaker, and oven straighten up and fly right, how dare I think that I can add a second, much less an hour, to my day?

Besides all that, time is so flexible that to try to measure it by the clock is almost impossible. If my week has been extra busy and I haven't been able to spend as much time as I would like on a sermon, Sunday morning at 10:45 always seems to get here a little faster. Ask someone how long the day of a funeral felt. I suspect some will tell you that it was the longest day of their lives. Think about those folks who are trapped in the disaster in Japan. The unexpected rupture of an earthquake happened suddenly, but the days since have dragged. I don't know how to say “it seems like an eternity,” in Japanese, but I bet they do.

Consider how arrogant such an act of time manipulation is. I have always been a little amused by the folks who go through all kinds of gymnastics to prove that the creation week of Genesis was a literal seven days of twenty-four hours each. Now, before anyone begins to question my orthodoxy, it is my firm conviction that God can do whatever God wants to do whenever and however God wants to do it. But, it is a little problematic for our calendars that, according to Genesis 1, the sun and moon were not created until the fourth day. In other words, the Book tells us that there is a time that is beyond our control and our understanding.

But, we already know that. We have already experienced it in those moments of time crawling and time flying by. It is out of our hands, and whether we are willing to admit or not, that is wonderful news. It means that we are not the Creator, but the created. It means that we are not in control, but another is. It means that the events of time are watched over by one who is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” It means that the one for whom a thousand years is as a day and a day as a thousand years is also the one who has said that neither the present nor the future (nor earthquakes or nuclear disasters) can separate us from his love in Christ Jesus. Think about it - what's an hour we can't control compared to an eternity controlled by someone who loves us? I'll trade an extra hour of sunlight any day of the week for a God like that.

Blessings, Sam